The Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen - Your Guide to Buying Fresh Produce

Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen - What Fruit and Vegetables Should You Buy Organic - Fresh Produce Buying Guide

Looking to eat better in 2018. As you try to fit more fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet, you might be wondering whether organic produce is really worth it. 

Whilst it's definitely a better option for some items, there are some conventionally grown fruit and vegetables that are perfectly okay to eat. A few years ago, scientists came out with two lists; the clean thirteen and the dirty dozen. These lists looked at what fruits and vegetables were most and least contaminated with pesticides. 

The dirty dozen is a list of fresh fruits and vegetables that are better to buy organic - but if you can't afford or don't have access to organic options, you can wash off most of that residue by soaking your produce in a large bowl (or sink) with four parts water and one part white vinegar and then rinsing and drying the produce. 

The clean fifteen is a list of fresh fruits and vegetables that you don't necessarily have to buy organic. They are least likely to be contaminated with pesticides. 

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To make things even easier for you, I've compiled the list into an easy printable that you can save for later (just click the Pinterest button above to pin it to Pinterest) or print to stick on your fridge using the printable button below!