A Christian holiday rich in history and tradition, Easter is the perfect
holiday to celebrate with friends and family.

Learn about the origins of Easter, discover family traditions and be inspired to throw your own Easter Celebration with this holiday guide from The Real Housewives of Sydney's Nicole O'Neil. From Nicole's favourite Easter traditions to delicious Easter menu ideas and a DIY Easter Table Setting.

Easter is a festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is preceded by Lent, a forty day period of fasting, prayer and penance and consists of two key celebration day.

Many Christians refer to the week before Easter as "Holy Week" as it contains Maundy Thursday (commemorating the Last Supper) as well as Good Friday which commemorates the crucifixion and death of Jesus. 

Why does the date of Easter change every year?

Easter and the holidays relating to it are moveable feasts - meaning that they do not fall on a fixed date. Instead, the date for Easter is determined by the lunisolar calendar which is similar to the Hebrew Calendar.

Today in Western Christianity,  Easter Sunday always falls on a Sunday between March 22nd and April 25th. The date is decided based on the astronomical full moon during that period and Easter Sunday will be the first Sunday after that full moon.

Why do we celebrate with Easter eggs?

Easter celebrations look different from country to country - and household to household. Easter eggs are a popular symbol of Easter - and the chocolate kind are especially delicious!

Easter eggs are a popular symbol for many reasons, including; 

  • The Empty Tomb
    Hollow Easter eggs are a symbolic representation of the empty tomb of Jesus 
  • Resurrection and New Life
    An egg is a symbol of new life as, whilst dormant, the egg contains a new life sealed within it. 
  • The Blood of Christ
    The custom of the Easter egg is said to originate in the early Christian community of Mesopotamia where they would dye eggs red in memory of the blood of Christ shed at his crucifixion. 

Traditionally, chicken eggs were dyed and used as Easter Eggs, however, today we tend to substitute chicken's eggs for chocolate or plastic eggs filled with candy or treats.


Create the perfect Easter Table with my Easy DIY Easter Table Tutorial Video.

I've used pastel plates, gorgeous moss Easter bunnies, colourful chocolate eggs and a variety of gorgeous Easter inspired pieces to create the perfect table setting for any Easter celebration. Who would have thought artificial grass could look so good?!


Each Easter, my family get together to celebrate Easter with lots of delicious food, an Easter egg hunt and our annual Easter tradition - the Egg Crack!

Everyone gets a raw egg which they have to protect whilst trying to crack everyone else's eggs! The winner is crowned when everyone else's eggs have cracked and only theirs remains! 

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