6 New Year's Resolutions EVERYONE Should Adopt!

Discover what Six New Year's Resolutions EVERYONE Should Be Adopting in 2018. 

Each New Year brings a horde of New Year’s resolutions that we’ll forget all about by February – but I wanted to inspire you with some New Year’s resolutions that are worth adopting and sticking to throughout 2018.

Give More

This isn’t all about money. Giving more looks different for everyone.

It could be giving your time by volunteering, giving attention to your family by choosing to put down your (and their) devices and it could be being generous in every aspect of life.

By choosing to give more in 2018, you’ll not only be improving the lives of those you give to – but also improving your life as generosity has proven to increase both mental and physical wellbeing.

Spend More Time With Friends

Step up your social game in 2018 and spend more time with the people you love! It can be easy to forget about your social life when you’re busy with work or kids – but make an effort to spend more time with friends this year.

It could be a monthly no-fuss movie date with a girlfriend, a dinner party with friends or a quick catch up over coffee with a friend before work each fortnight. Being social doesn’t have to mean spending hours preparing an elaborate dinner party – or committing to daily or weekly catch ups. Make it work for you!

Say NO More

It’s easy to fall into the trap of saying yes too much – especially when most of the media and psychologists around the world telling you that you need to be saying it! If you feel like you have too much on your plate, really make an effort to choose what you say yes to this year.

Get Outside More

Vitamin D deficiencies are so common these days – and it’s the easiest deficiency to prevent!

Commit to getting outside more – whether it be talking a walk outside in the sunshine each morning, eating your lunch outside at work or exploring our picnicking outdoors on the weekend. Enjoy the world around you!

Don’t just join a gym, pick a goal

Each January, gym numbers skyrocket. Everyone gets gym membership and heads to the gym because this is the year they’re going to get fit! But come April? All of a sudden those new faces are no where to be seen.

Instead of just joining a gym, commit to a goal. Think about what you want your body to be capable of, be reasonable and pick a goal. Do you want to be able to run a certain distance? Lift a certain weight? Or do you just need to destress? Pick a goal that you can focus on so you have something to keep you going.

Eat Better

Forget diets, focus on making little improvements. Increase how many different types or how many serves of fruits or vegetables you’re eating each day, decrease your soft drink or alcohol intake – taking things one step at a time will make you more likely to succeed and will also make you more likely to stick to your goals.