The Best Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips and Tricks

The Best Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips and Tricks.png

With Christmas just around the corner, I thought now was the perfect time to share some of my tried and tested gift wrapping tips - as well as a few I picked up at the Peter's of Kensington Gift Wrapping Workshop a few weeks ago!

Whilst the gifts inside are what people will likely remember the most - beautifully wrapped gifts are the perfect addition to your Christmas decor and help to make the festive season even more exciting.

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Give yourself plenty of time for wrapping

Don’t leave the wrapping for the last minute! When you feel rushed, your gifts will probably look rushed as you busily try to get everything done.

Leave yourself plenty of time to wrap – and even consider wrapping gits as you buy them – even if it’s just the paper and you leave the ribbons and bows for later. This stops gift recipients from snooping and also means you won’t be running out of wrapping paper or sticky tape on Christmas Eve after all the stores have closed.

If you’re worried about forgetting which present is which, add a sticky note on top or use different ribbons for different people. (For example, I might use the same wrapping paper for everyone but use gold ribbons on Nawal’s presents and silver ribbons on Neve’s presents to tell them apart).

Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips - Get Out Everything You Need

When it’s time to wrap, get everything you need out

Just like when you’re making a recipe, get all of your wrapping “ingredients” out before you start wrapping to ensure you have everything you need – and check to make sure you have enough to wrap all that you have! You always seem to use more sticky tape than you expected!

Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips - Use Different Coloured Ribbons for Different Recipients

If your family are notorious for snooping and shaking, keep things a secret

When gifts are under the tree, it’s always tempting to snoop and see what gifts are yours. Stop the shaking and snooping by skipping the cards and gift tags and using colour coded wrapping or ribbons instead. If you think they’ll still figure it out, add in some extras to confuse them.

For example, as I mentioned above, I might use the same wrapping paper for everyone – but gold ribbons for Nawal and silver ribbons for Neve. To completely throw them off, add white ribbon or another coloured ribbon to a few gifts so they don’t notice the pattern.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips - Match Your Wrapping to Your Tree

Choose a colour palette to match your tree

You might spend plenty of time thinking about the colour palette for your Christmas tree – but what about the gifts underneath?

Come up with a colour palette to match for a Christmas scene that looks like it came straight out of a magazine!

Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips - Use Boxes to Disguise Gifts

Got an odd shaped item? Or an obvious shaped box?

Place your gift into a gift box to make wrapping easier – or less obvious. There is always that one toy of the year that comes in packaging that could be spotted from a mile away.

Wrapping something soft? Add some cardboard!

Wrapping clothing items and soft things can be notoriously messy. There are no clean edges and thinks tend to slide all over the place. If you’ve got something soft to wrap, think about adding a sturdy piece of cardboard underneath. This will give you sharp edges on the bottom and keep the paper from sagging and ripping.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips - Add a Little Something Extra.jpg

Add a little something extra!

Want to give your gifts that extra wow factor? Think about adding some decorations to your wrapping. Use little Christmas bells, sprigs of holly or Christmas bush or small ornaments to add some extra interest to plain shaped boxes.