What I Missed The Most About Australia + An Australia Day Themed #ThrowbackThursday

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I have been lucky enough to live in quite a few countries around the world throughout my life, but to me; Australia will always be home. 

Even though I'll be in London once again this Australia Day, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share some of the things I miss the most when I'm away from home -  as well as some #ThrowbackThursday photos from Australia Day celebrations abroad!

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What I Miss The Most 

I think all expats know that, whilst you embrace a new country or a new home, there will always be things from your original home that you long for. Here are the things I've missed the most whilst living abroad.

  • Australian Treats
    Tim Tams, Shapes, Caramello Koalas, Cherry Ripes, Time Outs... every time I travelled to Australia for a visit, I'd fill a huge suitcase full of Australian treats to bring back with me to enjoy with Adam and the girls and to share with our fellow expats. I can't imagine what the custom's officers were thinking as they scanned my bags!
  • Multicultural Cuisine
    As Australia is a melting pot of cultures, we have access to so many incredible international cuisines and ingredients. As you walk through a strip of restaurants or even a shopping centre food court, you'll find a mix of different cuisines all alongside each other - from Indian and Lebanese to Asian, Italian and even Jewish cuisine.
  • Great Coffee
    Australians know how to make a good cup of coffee. Whilst I have found my favourite coffee shops aboard - I always look forward to picking up a coffee from my favourite coffee shop. Delicious!
  • Wide Open Spaces
    One thing we probably take for granted in Australia is our wide open spaces. Even in the middle of the city, you can always find a park or beach nearby to enjoy. 
  • Wildlife
    You know you're back home in Australia when you can hear the sound of kookaburras laugh in the distance or cicadas chirping away on a hot summer's night. Whilst I don't miss the flies, I do miss the unique sounds of home.
  • Family and Friends
    This is an obvious one! Whilst there's always Skype, FaceTime, emails and texts - nothing beats being home with your loved ones.
  • Australia's Laid Back Lifestyle
    I often think that Australians are a lot more laid back than other people around the world. Australians really do have that "no worries, mate!" attitude and we tend to be more social too. 
  • Holidays
    Australians LOVE holiday time. From 4-5 weeks annual year per year to the numerous public holidays, we certainly know how to relax!
  • The Weather
    Beautiful blue skies and warm sunny days are few and far between in London - but in Sydney? They're an almost every day occurrence. Even on the coldest winter day you can usually find some sunshine!
  • Fresh Food
    In Australia we have access to incredible fresh ingredients. It makes the food taste so much better and it's not until you live in other parts of the world that you realise just how lucky we are!


Here's a little peek at our Australia Day celebrations abroad from the last few years. 

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