The Housewives of Sydney - Australian Women's Weekly February 2017

Hopefully you’ll get to see that we all work, we all have families we love dearly, and despite how lucky we are in how we live, we share common problems with other women too - like worries about our kids, our health and juggling work and family life”
— Nicole O'Neil

RHOS New Zealand Promo Tour 

There is so much controversy! These girls escalated it to a whole new level right from the start. I was subjected to body shaming but this was much more fierce!
— Angela Stone on The Real Housewives of Sydney
The experience has been far more intense than I ever expected. I’m surprised by how intense and real the drama is. No-one could script what has gone on, this is reality! I have loved the entire experience especially when I have been able to be filmed with my family.
— Krissy Marsh on The Real Housewives of Sydney

The Rock New Zealand Interview

Krissy and Nicole with The Rock FM New Zealand

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Nova 106.9 Brisbane Interview

Nicole O'Neil Real Housewives of Sydney Radio Interview

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I am very much about hold your head high and be true to yourself and I think you have to have a thick skin.... I also want to teach my kids social responsibility.

We are a very open, close family and I spend all the time I have with the girls and I will notice if they are being affected by something
— Nicole O'Neil

97.3 FM Brisbane Interview

Nicole O'Neil and Krissy Marsh with Bianca, Terry and Bob on 97.3FM Brisbane
Nicole O'Neil and Krissy Marsh with Bianca, Terry and Bob on 97.3FM Brisbane

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Ladies in red! Daily Mail Article

Simply stunning! Former Miss Australia Nicole O’Neil went for a more angelic appearance in white with a fitted white frock with frilled straps
— Candice Jackson for Daily Mail Australia
Real Housewives of Sydney Behind the Scenes
We would sometimes start filming at 6 or 7 in the morning and we wouldn’t get to eat lunch until 2 or 3 in the afternoon. By then I was starving – I’m a wog, I’ve got to eat!
— Nicole O'Neil

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Night on the town! Real Housewives Of Sydney's Nicole O'Neil goes boho chic in paisley maxi dress at Mr G's Double Bay Launch - Daily Mail

She’s the Real Housewife known for her beauty queen past.
But Real Housewives Of Sydney’s Nicole O’Neil channelled more hippy than pageant chic at Mr G’s launch at Double Bay Intercontinental on Tuesday night.
The event planner looked every bit the boho babe at the party, wearing a paisley maxi dress.
— Hannah Paine, Daily Mail Australia
A home is anywhere special memories are created. I remember all of our homes and they’ve all been happy places.
— Nicole O'Neil

BW Magazine - Saturday June 3rd, 2017

Nicole O'Neil - BW Magazine Saturday June 3rd 2017
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How Nicole O'Neil Celebrates Christmas Day.jpg
Christmas for me is about warm long balmy summer nights, the smell of gardenia in the air and the cicada’s singing in the evening.
— Nicole O'Neil

Christmas Ambassador for Groupon Australia 

Style Byte - 9-5 Magazine

9-5 Shop Talk Magazine

Party Time! - Disney Girl Magazine

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