Friday Four



We have been enjoying plenty of family time! Not only do we get to spend our holiday with Adam, my Mum, my sister Nora, her husband Mike and baby Naya are also with us! 

After London and Paris last week, we are now in one of my favourite cities in the world; Beirut! 

Traditional Lebanese Ice Cream


I am really hoping vacation calories don't count because I have been eating all the sweets! ;) 

Now that we're in Beirut I can't get enough Booza (traditionally Lebanese Ice Cream) or my all time favourite dessert, Karabish! Stay tuned for my Beirut Must Eats next week!

I'm Old School I Wake Up With My Eyebrows Already on My Face


#CaptainEyebrows ;) 

Tea with Michael Coste in Paris


It's just not a trip to Paris without a visit to see the incredible Michael Coste at Hermes. I know I am always in the best hands when shopping with Michael as he knows what colours are trending, what you should or shouldn't buy and what you should be anxiously waiting for!