Friday Four

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We're currently in that odd period between Christmas and New Year's where no one knows what day it is, you seem to be really busy but really lazy at the same time and no one questions the sound of champagne corks popping at 10am. It's an odd time of year - but the best time of year and I'm soaking up every second in the Sydney sunshine before we head off to London this weekend!

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This week, Adam and I celebrated 15 years of marriage! As we've been looking back on the last 15 years of marriage, I've found lots of fun throwback photos - so I think I'll have to put together a fun post to share with you next week!

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Who has been taking advantage of the Boxing Day/End of Year sales? I know I have!

Here are some of my favourite finds from the week! 

Click to shop/find out more - use the arrows to see more

Click to shop/find out more - use the arrows to see more

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The Season of Eating isn't over quite yet - so I think this chocolate braid is a must make! Yum!