Real Housewives of Sydney Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

After months of waiting, the first episode has finally aired! 

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My journey with The Real Housewives of Sydney started almost the minute I landed back on Australian soil. 

After living abroad for 8 years, Adam and I decided to bring our girls, Nawal and Neve, back to Sydney in time to start high school. 

Whilst we had the most incredible experience living abroad, we wanted our girls to grow up with their extended family around them - as well as the fresh Sydney air and sunshine!

The girls and I on one of our first days back in Sydney!

The girls and I on one of our first days back in Sydney!

I am very grateful to have had the chance myself to grow up in Sydney - which is, without a doubt, one of the most incredible cities in the world.

There is something magical in the air here. The sun sparkles a little brighter and the sea air smells just a little sweeter than any other city I have ever visited. 

It's also the home of my family - and to me, family is everything.

One from the archives - scrub a dub dub, four Gazals in a tub! 

One from the archives - scrub a dub dub, four Gazals in a tub! 

I come from a very close-knit large intertwined family. Everyone is involved in everyone's business and everyone has an opinion - even if it's not welcome! 

Being one of four children, I'm used to working hard to have my opinion heard, so being on The Real Housewives of Sydney was a walk in the park!

My father passed away 6 years ago and it was particularly hard for us all, however, I know that he is watching over us very closely and not a day passes that we don't talk about him. 

I love my family and wanted to bring my girls back so that they could be a part of each other's lives. As they say.... it takes a village! 

We miss Adam immensely but we are so lucky that we are able to travel back and forth

We miss Adam immensely but we are so lucky that we are able to travel back and forth

But what about Adam? As you may have heard me mention on the episode, Adam will be commuting between Sydney and London for a while as his work is based in London. It was an incredibly difficult decision to split the family, but I know we will make it work! 

There will be a lot of commuting and travel involved, so it's lucky that we all love to fly!

Being back in Sydney means sunshine, sunglasses and fabulous friends!

Being back in Sydney means sunshine, sunglasses and fabulous friends!

Arriving back in Sydney, I felt like I was able to pick up right where I left off. I am so lucky to have such great friends around me that I feel like I was never away! 

Nicole O'Neil and Krissy Marsh - Real Housewives of Sydney

Krissy is one such fabulous friend. 

Part of my intertwined family, Krissy's sister Jacqueline is married to my cousin - and Krissy was also my mentor during my brief stint in property. We've known each other for at least 20 year years and have formed a solid friendship over that time. 

Krissy is the kind of girl everyone loves to be around. She's positive, bubbly, energetic and always smiling. She loves to laugh and joke, even if it's at her own expense and Adam loves sitting next to her at a dinner party because you're always guaranteed to have a night filled with laughter and entertainment. 

My Outfit Details:  Dress:  Jonathan Simkhai  | Jacket:  Rebecca Vallance  | Shoes:  Christian Louboutin  | Earrings:  Dior

My Outfit Details: Dress: Jonathan Simkhai | Jacket: Rebecca Vallance | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Earrings: Dior

One of the first scenes of the series is meeting Krissy and Victoria for lunch at The Coogee Pavilion. 

This was my first time meeting Victoria and I was really looking forward to getting to know the woman Krissy has spoken so much about. 

My first impression of Victoria was that she was a strong, independent woman who really doesn't care what anyone else thinks - and I love that, it's refreshing. Our lunch turned into a four-hour long event and Victoria fired away with her questions. 

Whilst I would never ordinarily discuss how I travel or how I choose to raise my girls; Victoria asked and I answered. Rest assured, however, that this conversation wasn't the monologue it appeared to be! 

Victoria Rees Real Housewives of Sydney Episode One Recap

VIctoria was also quick to have an opinion on some of the other girls that I had invited to my welcome home party. 

Personally, I don't like to dabble in petty gossip or rumours as I think it can get messy quickly! I also like to form my own opinions of people, rather than going off what others have to say.

I believe that Victoria's comments regarding AthenaX and Lisa were said to shock and I really don't believe they were meant in malice. 

Lisa Oldfield Real Housewives of Sydney.jpg

One of those girls was Lisa Oldfield. A family friend for many years, my father and Lisa's husband David knew each other socially and whilst they didn't always agree, I used to love listening to their heated discussions and debates. 

Although I was living abroad, whatever dealings I had with Lisa were always pleasant and amicable. Lisa is strong, very intelligent woman who knows what she wants. 

She is determined and fierce and loves to be controversial. She has what I would call a 'black' sense of humour and I appreciate that wit. As for Lisa's social media, if I don't agree with what she posts or says - I just don't like or comment on it. 

My Outfit Details:  Dress:  Alex Perry  | Headband:  Miu Miu  (also avalable  here ) 

My Outfit Details: Dress: Alex Perry | Headband: Miu Miu (also avalable here

I decided to throw a small welcome home party at Cruise Bar in Sydney, which is located at the most incredible vantage point to view Sydney Harbour. This was a chance for me to invite some friends who had reached out to me to reconnect - and also a great opportunity to get to know the other housewives who were friends of friends.

Let's be honest though - I'll use any excuse for a party! 

Pic: Ben Symons / Foxtel

Pic: Ben Symons / Foxtel

But what were my first impressions of my fellow housewives? 

Pic: Ben Symons / Foxtel)

Pic: Ben Symons / Foxtel)

AthenaX - She arrived looking like a gold logie. Very avant-garde and definitely a confident strong woman. I mean, you have to be to wear a fishing net - don't you? 

The term jatz cracker was turning in my head - and I must admit that Victoria didn't seem too far off the mark.... but there was something there that I liked about her.






Pic: Ben Symons/Foxtel

Pic: Ben Symons/Foxtel

Melissa - Melissa looked like a beautiful doll. I'd heard that she was gorgeous both inside and out - and Melissa really appeared to live up to that reputation. 

She had a nice energy around her. Whilst very quiet at first, I think she is the type of girl who takes her time getting to know you and slowly drinking in the atmosphere before opening herself up. 






Pic: Ben Symons/Foxtel

Pic: Ben Symons/Foxtel

Matty - I was looking forward to meeting Matty as we have some friends in common who had spoken very highly of her.

Matty was loud and confident - she looked amazing and she knew it! I love women who are confident with who they are and how fabulous they look. 







Pic: Ben Symons/Foxtel

Pic: Ben Symons/Foxtel

As the evening kicked off, so did the arguments - and the drama really began! 

I was rather shocked, given that I hardly knew some of the girls, that they would choose to bicker in such a place. 

It started off with petty insults being slung and it escalated quickly from there... it's amazing what alcohol can do to people! 

When Victoria threw Athena's cape over the balcony - I have to admit that I was shocked. I felt like the party had reached a new low and I couldn't believe that had just happened. 

Behaviour like that is completely unacceptable - no matter what words have been slung arround. I was horrified..... and also worried for the dolphins.

Real Housewives of Sydney Series One Episode One Recap - Final Scene.jpg

And that's where episode one ended.... and that's only the beginning of the drama. 

Find out what I wore on this episode.

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