10 Tips To Make Moving House Easier

10 Tips to Make Moving House Easier

Moving house is no walk in the park. Over the last few weeks I've found myself surrounded by boxes and overwhelmed with the sheer volume of just how many things we've collected over the years. When you move house, you start to wonder why you thought it was a good idea to buy half or what you own - and you discover things you thought you'd lost years earlier.

But whilst moving can be intimidating and stressful, I’ve got a few tips to help make the whole experience easier and less stressful (though, you will still need a few bottles of remedial wine… or vodka…. or chocolate…this isn’t a miracle fix!)

1.     Label every box with where it belongs and what’s inside

Most people know that labelling boxes is essential – but make sure you don’t just write where it’s going. Making a note of what’s inside will stop the frantic search when you’re looking for one particular item that you need right now.

It also helps to have really bright labels that are labelled with bold capital letters (this isn’t the time to show off your best cursive writing)

2.     Swap Bubble Wrap for Newspaper

Bubble wrap can not only be expensive, but it’s not the best choice for our environment. Swapping bubble wrap for newspaper (or even pages from an old phone book, magazine or notebook you no longer use) is a great way to upcycle what you already have whilst protecting your posessions.

3.     Label EVERY cord

When you’re packing up your home, you’ll find you have more cords than you ever knew existed. From your TV, internet modem, refridgerator – the list goes on and on. Labelling your cords (and even photographing electronics like your TV before you pack them so you know what goes where) will make unpacking and setting up your new home so much easier.

4.     Pack your clothes on their hanger

This is a Pinterest hack I saw that makes things so much easier. Simply take sections of your clothes and tie the coat hangers together with a cable tie. Then cut a hole in the bottom of a plastic garbage bag, slip your coat hangers through the top and pull the bag down over your clothes, securing them inside the bag.

5.     Pack your cutlery inside your cutlery tray

If you have a removable cutlery tray, simply pack your cutlery in that. Wrap it with newspaper to ensure nothing falls out and you’re ready to go!

Wrap Plates in Tea Towels for Moving House

6.     Protect plates with tea towels

Instead of bubble wrap, protect your kitchen breakables by wrapping them up with clean tea towels.

7.     Arrange plates vertically instead of horizontally

If you’ve ever bought plates that come boxed up, you’ll find that they’re almost always packed vertically. This is because it reduces the weight on the plates and thus reduces the damage that could be done. Carefully wrap each plate and place them standing up in a box side by side, rather than stacking plates on top of each other.

8.     Cut handles in your boxes

Boxes can be awkward to carry – but this simple trick makes it so much easier. Simply cut an upside-down triangle three inches from the top of your box to act as a handle.

9.     Keep your essentials close at hand

There’s nothing worse than moving every box in and then having to search through each one to find what you need. Keep the essentials in an easy to find box (or even suitcase) so you can find the things you’ll need right away. If you’re planning on staying in your new house that first night, pack an overnight bag like you’re going on a holiday so you don’t have to worry about packing every single box right away.

10.  Take EVERYTHING out of your fridge and freezer and turn it off at least the night before

If you’re moving with your fridge/freezer, do your movers a favour by turning it off and cleaning it out at least the night before you move – otherwise they will end up with a soggy mess as the ice melts in your freezer. Start fresh in your new house by having your fridge clean and ready to move.