Friday Four

Flashback New Years Eve in Sydney


I'm not sure when this photo was taken, but I know it was taken on New Year's Eve in Sydney. Judging by my belt buckle and Adam's floral shirt, probably the early 2000's.... I'm sure we thought we looked amazing at the time! ;) 

Finally My Winter Fat Is Gone Now I Have Spring Rolls


Can you believe the first day of Spring is TOMORROW? Hopefully I'm not the only one with spring rolls :P 

Nawal and Neve leave for the International Gladiators Tour 2018


It has been a week full of fencing! The girls and I left for Bangkok and Singapore on Monday after a weekend filled with fencing competitions - only for more international fencing competitions throughout the week! The girls are competing in the 2018 International Gladiators tour and we're hoping to come home with plenty of awards!


Cake, ice cream, cookies and chocolate in one bite? Yum! Perfect for a party!