Friday Four

Before you marry someone you should make them use a computer with really slow internet. That is how you really know who they are.


The ULTIMATE test of marriage.

For test number two, have your future husband/wife put together a room full of flat pack IKEA furniture... and hide a few screws ;) 

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These Chicken Gyro Sliders would be perfect for your next party! Yum!

The Best Pink Designer Handbags


I think I'm definitely ready for Spring! After seeing this post on Instagram I've been searching for beautiful bright pink bags and thought I'd share my list with you. Like last week, I'll share a "Splurge" list of designer finds and a "Steal" list of affordable options - take your pick! 



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Moving house and sorting through boxes means discovering all of the old memories! Here's a photo of Adam, Nawal, Neve and I in Vail in 2009. See the cute flashback photo of our ski bunnies here on my Instagram.